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The Bone Innovation Summit is jointly organised by three projects dealing with bone healing and fractures: The EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region project Baltic Fracture Competence Centre (BFCC), the EU Interreg Deutschland-Danmark project BONEBANK and Northopedics, the innovation-oriented network in Schleswig-Holstein. All projects achieved substantial results and will provide a clear roadmap how e.g. a transnational fracture registry and mesenchymal stem cells could be part of future solutions to foster innovations for better bone healing. The BONEBANK project is co-funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with means from the European Regional Development Fund.

The demographic change, environmental factors and other aspects lead to a strong need for innovative products and improvement in clinical procedures for bone healing and fracture treatment. In this context, it is particularly important that hospitals, industry and researchers work tightly together.

The Bone Innovation Summit will host high-profile plenary speakers, world class researchers and industry representatives to discuss innovative solutions to overcome current challenges and knowledge gaps. It offers the great opportunity to share research findings, promote knowledge exchange and develop innovative ideas during panel discussions and networking.

The city of Lübeck as renowned industry, clinical and research location provides the ideal place for the Bone Innovation Summit on 13th and 14th February 2019.

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